Welcome to the home nail salon.

Cozy and homely environment. Qualified craftsmen with extensive experience.

We offer manicure, pedicure, strengthening and nail extension services of any complexity. We use only high quality materials. All norms of disinfection in 4 stages. Large selection of gel and nomo polishes. We carry out designs of any complexity.

Classic gel manicure (cuticle cutting, nail filing, gel polish)
Classic nomo manicure (cuticle cutting, nail filing, nomo varnish coating)
Base manicure (cuticle cutting, nail filing, base coat + gel polish)
Manicure with strengthening (cuticle trimming, filing nails, strengthening nails with gel or acrylic powder or acrygel + gel polish)
Extension (cuticle cutting, nail filing, extension with gel or on tips or acrygel, gel polish coating)
Classic gel pedicure (cuticle cutting, nail filing, gel polish)
Classic nomo pedicure (cuticle cutting, nail filing, nomo varnish coating)
Nail art
Eyebrow correction and coloring

Disinfection of instruments is carried out in four stages.

Stage 1: Instrument sterilization in an ultrasonic cleaner.

Stage 2: Soaking in a special disinfectant solution for the instrument.

Stage 3: Cleaning and packaging in a craft bag.

Stage 4: Dry heat at a temperature of 200 degrees. During the procedure, the master unpacks the cleaned instrument in front of you.

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